Who is Edwin?

My full name is Lam Chin Yong.  You can call me Edwin.  I graduated from Nanyang Technological University in June 1998 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, majoring in electronics.  I have been working as an Analog Mixed Signal Designer since then.  My present appointment is R&D engineer in Centre for Wireless Communications, National University of Singapore.

My history with aquariums dates back to my childhood days.  My father maintained an aquarium then.  I would spend hours in front of the tank marveling at the brilliant and colorful life forms that swam blissfully in the tank.  It was an infection that never was cured.  Anyway, I took a long break from fish keeping when I had to serve a 30 month military duty for my country.  Now that I am working, I reentered the hobby.

My present project was to provide affordable fancy betta splendens to the Singapore market.  It is this project that spurred me to do up this web page.  My immediate focus is on the iridocyte colours.  My aquarium portfolio now includes a 180 liter Discus tank, twelve 6 liter Betta holding tanks, three 27 liter Betta breeding tanks, one 54 liter Betta growup tank and numerous "Betta jars".

I am also proud to be a List Moderator in Uniquaria.  UniQuaria is a freshwater aquaria list which started in April 1999.  In these few months, it has grown to become an extensive international network of avid aquarists!  UniQuraia has a team of List Moderators to see that all members' needs are tended to!  To visit or join UniQuaria,  go to www.uniquaria.com.

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