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Thank you for visiting our Stock Shop.  Listed here are the different stocks of bettas available for sale.  Fishes are normally sold between 2 to 4 months of age.  And since the betta typically experience significant fin growth only from the 4th month of age, customers are requested to moderate their expectations and not demand a 12 week fish to exhibit its full potential.

There are two ways for ordering the fishes, cash n carry or mail order.  Mail order enjoys a 5% discount (discount does not cover shipping charges and materials).  When placing an order, please state clearly your name, contact number/address and the order code, quantity.  Please refer to the bottom of this page for details of making an order.  If customers have any doubts on the actual colour, please request for a colour code for the fishes and then double check with the colour table.

White Delta (Order code: 0309S01)
DOB:  3 Sep 2001
Prices: SGD50.00 for a pair

Picture will NOT be available.

Clean white STs, about 5 of the fishes out of an entire spawn of 200+ fishes show any red.  Please note that for many of these fishes, the "whiteness" does not extend to the edges of the caudals.  This result in clear finnage towards the caudal rim.  Father is a Pastel STM, mother is an opaques STF.  Fishes should not be carrying dt.  Only 5 pairs left as at 18 Dec 2001.  Available only in pairs.

Turquoise Delta (Order code: 0609S01)
DOB:  6 Sep 2001
Prices: starting from SGD40.00 for a STM/SGD60.00 for a pair

  Picture (from another spawn) taken 31 Jul 2001, this batch looks very similar.

Please note that the above 2 pictures are actually the "uncles" of this spawn that we are selling.  This batch looks very similar in colour and tail spread, so we did not retake the pictures.  Most selling stocks are ST turquoise deltas, there are a few dts.  Father is a ST/dt HM turquoise, mother is a ST/dt delta tuquoise.  This spawn is very clean in colour, with no red in any of the spawn.  Average caudal spread is 140 deg.  No separate orders for females please.  Only 1 dtM left, there remains several pieces of STMs with tail spread of at least 170 deg.  To save tank space, we have mixed the females of this spawn with batch 0709S01 listed below, so purchased females could be from either spawn.

Royal/Turquoise Delta (Order code: 0709S01)
DOB:  7 Sep 2001
Prices: SGD40.00 for a STM/SGD60.00 for a pair

Sorry, no pictures available.

There is a mixed bag of royal and turquoise STs in this lot.  Father is a ST delta royal, mother is a ST/dt delta tuquoise.  This spawn is quite clean in colour, with only 2 fish showing red in the entire spawn.  Average caudal spread is 110 deg.  Only a few royal blue left.  No separate orders for females please.  To save tank space, we have mixed the females of this spawn with batch 0709S01 listed below, so purchased females could be from either spawn.

Other items for sale (within Singapore only):

Brine shrimp eggs at SGD12.00 per 30ml vial, SGD18.00 per 50ml vial.  (OUT OF STOCK)
HUFA enriched Microalgae and Spirulina powder at SGD8.00 per 30ml vial.

There are essentially 2 methods for ordering bettas: cash n carry or mail order.  For cash n carry purchases, we have scheduled a trade day every few months for customers to pick the bettas themselves. Please book an appointment with Pacific Betta before dropping in.

For mail (email) orders, please state clearly the order code and the quantity of fish required for each code.  Do remember to include your particulars (NRIC, name, email/telephone no).  Upon acknowledgement of your order, Pacific Betta will reserve the best fishes (in our opinion) from the available stocks and hold them.  Payment should be received within the stipulated time or the customer will be assumed to have forgone his/her order.  To protect the interest of all genuine buyers, customers who forgo their purchase orders will be penalised for future mail orders.  Delivery of the fishes can be arranged through local postal services (Speedpost) or the customer may opt to pick up the fish in Bukit Batok at a prearranged time.  For more details on shipping, please refer to the relevant links below:

For customers located in Singapore main island, please click here.
Customers located outside Singapore, please click here.

Terms of Purchase:

1.  Due to time and space constraints Pacific Betta cannot hold betta(s) for any of our customers.  We will check our mailbox ( at least once a calender week when stocks are available for sale.  All enquiries are answered on a first come first serve policy.
2.  Pacific Betta does not sell runts or fishes with any known deformities.  All fishes are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of packaging.
3.  All payments are to be made in Singapore currency.  Cash payment, bank draft or money order is preferred.  Personal cheques are gernerally not accepted, though exceptions may be made for established customers.  Do remember to include any shipping/packaging costs.
4.  Orders above S\$100 (not including shipping/packaging charges) enjoy a 5% discount.  This discount is on top of the 5% discount for mail orders.
5.  Pacific Betta do keep breeding records.  Customers will get a copy of these information along with their purchase.
6.  Customers may, within a year of purchase, request for the information pertaining to the breeding lines of their purchases.  The batch number and date of purchase must be furnished to identify their fish.
7.  Other terms as listed under the relevant shipping information pages (Singapore, other locations) apply.
8.  Pacific Betta reserves the right to turn down any purchase orders.  An order shall not be considered to have been accepted until we acknowledged it.  All disputes shall be governed under Singapore's laws.

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