Shipping Information (Singapore)

This page is for buyers located in the Singapore main island and are interested in getting our betta through mail.  For the others, you probably have made a mistake, so I will suggest you go back to the stock shop.

For local mail (email) orders, we will either deliver the fishes personally or ship them by speedpost on Fridays or Saturdays.  Singapore post guarantees delivery by 5pm on the same day.   The terms and conditions stated below apply to both methods of delivery.

For all orders, please state clearly the order code and the quantity of fishes required for each code.  Do remember to include your particulars (NRIC, name, email/telephone no).  Minimum amount for mail orders is  SGD20 (not including shipping charges).  All orders should be sent to

Upon acknowledgement of your order, Pacific Betta will reserve the best fishes (in our opinion) from the available stocks and hold them for a maximum of 5 working days.  Payment should be received within these 5 days or the customer will be assumed to have forgone his/her order.  To protect the interest of all genuine buyers, customers who forgo their purchase orders will be penalised for future mail orders.  All transactions will be conducted in Singapore currency. We do not accept personal cheques.  Money orders or bank drafts are acceptable.  Customers who ordered their bettas through mail enjoy a 5%  discount towards the prices of the fishes.  This discount is on top of the 5% given to purchases above SGD100.

There are however additional costs and risks incurred in the packaging and shipping of live fishes.  Customers will have have to bear the packaging/shipping costs.  In a nutshell, shipping and packing of up to 4 fishes cost SGD14.00.  Pacific Betta will not be responsible for the well being of the fishes if there is cause for neglect by Singapore Post, or the customer or for any other reasons beyond our control.  Otherwise, we guarantee that the fishes will be alive and healthy at time of delivery.

Last but not least, Pacific Betta reserves the right to turn down any purchase orders.

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