Our iridescence lines have reached a consistency that makes us proud.  Below are the "average" fishes in a spawn  from our Phase 3 fishes ......  (last updated 6 Apr 2001).  We will appreciate any email feedback.
3 mth ST delta spawned in Dec 00.  He is not even flaring!  Colour will turn more greenish as the fish matures.
 Same fish as evidenced by the 3rd lagging dorsal ray.  80th percentile ranking within spawn.
 Another flaring 3mth ST male showing near HM caudal spread.  Notice the consistency of the spawn.  50th percentile.
   This picture is "rotated" to make the fish appear horizontal, again full brother to 1st 3 fishes.  50th percentile as the caudal doesn't spread much when flaring.
 Young HM.  This fish shows some slight discolouration near the rim of the fins due to agressive finnage growth, a fault which is remedied as the fish ages.
 3 mth STF
Full sister to fish on the left.  We like the strong dorsal and straight caudal rays that extend all the way.

Click here to see more black pictures.

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